Nissl Stain Dilemma Thank you!

From:Stephanie Moore <>

Hey all,

Well, thank you all so much.  Just a note to those who are less
experienced out there, the answer I got in a nutshell was that I don't
have to rehydrate, etc unless they are paraffin sections...which they
are not!  Gee Whiz. See, all I had here was a protocol from the previous
tech to go on and it did not specify that it was paraffin.  Actually the
protocol said "for frozen sections" and we don't do paraffin embedding
here.  I am so relieved I am going to try it right now. 

I gathered from one of my responses that a free floating Nissl is
doable, too.  

Thank you!

Stephanie Moore
Lab Tech/Mgr
Brandeis University
(781) 736-3182

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