Meditech "X" number

If you are a Meditech user, please read on:
The majority of our work are outpatient specimen drop offs.  Each requisition 
must be given an "X" number before we can process the specimen.  The 
Admitting process is 7-8 pages long.  Unfortunately our Admitting department 
cannot handle the overload, therefore, our turn around time suffers.  Some 
requisitions do not return to the lab for 4-5 hours.  How do Meditech users 
handle specimen drop off (SDO) requisitions?  Does any lab admit their own 
outpatient reqs on a short form, then enter the rest of the admitting 
demographics at a later time?    Please advise me on an easier and faster way 
to admit these requisitions and please be specific.  Thank you.

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