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Why send it out? What makes a reference lab better able to produce
results than any other lab? What do you do if your results are of better
quality (incl sensitivity and specificity) than the reference lab? Do you
drop your quality to be the same as the reference lab? This is especially
of concern when the reference lab has no experience with the new

I would only use reference labs for confirming IPX results on suspect
cases and only if they have more experience with the antigens in

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Hello to all,
 I was wondering who out there is performing correlating studies when
a new 
antibody is purchased.  One of our paths thought we should be doing
everytime we introduce a new antibody to our IP collection, which would
sending 10 to 20 cases to a reference lab or other lab and have them
them with the new Ab. Then also performing the same test in-house,
correlating the results. What are the rules (if any) on this sort of thing 
(for inspection purposes, etc.)?  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 
apologize if this subject has already come up....

Jeanne Godine
Pathology Consultants

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