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From Longview, Washington
     We are located 50 miles south of the epicenter.  It was really 
something watching our waterbaths empty by themselves.  Most of us have 
experienced EQ's around here due to Mt. St. Helens when she rumbles. 
 Yesterday, it was a total different story.  Things didn't shake like they 
usual do.  It was more like being on a boat in the ocean experiencing large 
waves.  It was slow, wavy, and when it was over we all felt a good bit of 
motion sickness along with the usual fear.  Just glad that it's over and 
not more damage was done!

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To all those in the Washington area, I hope you are well after the
earthquake.  I will be out in that area in April and hope to have a EQ free
Best Wishes
Patsy Ruegg

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