slide staining chambers

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From:Gayle Callis <>
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Nothing like that, but then many automatic stainers do not have that
capacity either. 

The Shandon Coverplate sysytem is very efficient, you can reuse the
coverplates, after some very careful washing, and they run approx
$160/holder of 10 slides.
I have done 60 slides (6 holder lined up) at a time, some quick pipetting
but you can put these in a cold room OR a 37C incubator. and a huge
reduction in buffer use, it takes 100 ul/slide for antibodies, and is very
friendly for the dropper bottles.  You can view the label of the slide
easier than any system I have used, plus it takes one fill of the well at
the top for a rinse, speedy and cheap!  

You do not need the whole Sequenza system, you can take up less space with
just the holders.  We love them and I know of several other people who use
these also.  You can tweak you method for whatever you want with these

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