Re: silver detection

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From:amos brooks <>
To:"Monteverde, Cheryl A BACH-Ft Wainwright" <>
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    Do you think he might mean WITH silver, like a fungus stain such as GMS.
Some doctors refer to this as "a silver stain", even though there are many
different types. Find out what the clinical diagnosis is. If it is a type of
infection then he probably wants a GMS, if it is heavy metal contamination then
I have no idea either.
Amos Brooks

"Monteverde, Cheryl A BACH-Ft Wainwright" wrote:

> Dear histonetters,
>         I have a surgeon that has submitted a colon biopsy, and would like
> me to stain for silver. I have not found anything in the usual sources, nor
> has my pathologist (with 30 years experience) heard of such a thing.  I
> would appreciate any suggestions you might have.  thanks in advance
> cheryl

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