Re: more frozens, CJD, known cases

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Dear Rob.
 In the UK we really don't know how many of us are going to die in near to 
mid future of New Variant CJD. God help us if its more than 5% or transmitted 
to all babies of infected mothers, we'll never be rid of it. And you can't 
cull human beings. All because someone thought it was a good idea to feed 
herbivores with meat products. Yes, its high protein and yes don't they put 
weight on fast. But... Scary. 

I quite agree that a "devil may care" attitude to FS procedures is unwise. We 
should all be treating fresh tissue as if it were carrying one of the more 
unpleasant diseases, to do otherwise is foolish. When you see the locked 
doors, red warning lights, elaborate procedures and big cabinets present in 
the ?TB sections of Micro labs, it does make me wonder whether histologists 
have actually gone far enough in containing potential infective agents.

I suspect that we all assess risks according to what is "normal" in our 
environment, whats "normal" for you might make me tremble with fear and vice 

I have no intention of being prescriptive with my fellow professionals, I 
have no right. As professionals we need (have a duty) to assess risk and 
procedure in the light of our working environment and methods. Whats right 
for me isn't neccessarily right for you, or anybody else. 

Your final paragrapgh says it all for me, Rob. 

Thanks and regards,


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