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The short answer is yes and yes.
Lectins from different sources do vary some in their binding to sugars.
We have always had really good luck with those from Vector labs in
Burlingame, CA.
The major problem that we encountered with lectins was storage of
peroxidase labeled lectins and ensuring that the appropriate cofactors such
as metallic salts were present to provide appropriate binding.
There are several good sources perhaps the best is still Liener, Sharon and
goldstein. "The Lectins, Properties, Functions and Applications in Biology
and Medicine".
I do have a copy of this text and will be happy to xerox parts if you need.


"Thomas J. Kuwahara" wrote:

> Dear Histonetters:  Does anyone out there know if there are
> better/stronger/different versions of Ulex out there?  Do lectins which
> bind specifically to defined sugar proteins vary in purity/specificity
> as much as say different antibody clones would?  Any input would be
> appreciated.
> Regards, Tom
> Thomas J. Kuwahara - Senior Immunohistochemist
> Resolution Sciences Corporation -
> 3801 Sacramento St., Suite 621, San Francisco, CA  94118
> T: 415/750-6800, ext23067 F: 415/750-2332  E:

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