Re: Technicon Tissue Processors

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From:"Thomas J. Kuwahara" <>
To:"L. Gibbs" <>
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Dear Lorraine:  I have several references for you for companies that
sell reconditioned equipment.
	G&G Instrument Corporation
	466 Saw Mill River Rd.
	P.O. Box 604, Ardsley, NY,  10502-0604	
	(914)693-6000  They used to actually make them but they are expensive
to order from.

	800-543-8496  Contact Rudy Gutierrez
	They also sell reconditioned technicons.  We bought two and are quite
happy with them so far.  
	Analytical Instruments, ltd.
	Ford Royer, MT.  He sells equipment Might be able to help you.
	800-565-1895  Slow to get back to you.

"L. Gibbs" wrote:
> Hi-
> I have an antique Technicon Tissue Processor (circa 1960). Does
> anyone out ther in Histonet Land know where one can find parts
> (timer clock maunufactured by Sangamo Electric) for these old
> processors?
> Thanks much!
> Lorraine Gibbs
> P-Bio Histology
> University of Washington

Thomas J. Kuwahara - Senior Immunohistochemist
Resolution Sciences Corporation -
3801 Sacramento St., Suite 621, San Francisco, CA  94118
T: 415/750-6800, ext23067 F: 415/750-2332  E:

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