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We do not trim all small specimen blocks as our Pathologists want a maximum of 6 sections per slide on most bx cases.  In the case of small children with Hirschsprung's we DO trim and take 60 sections on these cases.  Hope this helps...

Vicki Gauch
Albany Medical Center

>>> "Patrick M. Haley " <> 03/17/00 05:44PM >>>
Hello fellow HistoNetters,
    This is an informal survey question to all you microtomists.
When you have small specimens (skin and GI biopsies, ect), who among you
trims the excess paraffin from the block to allow for more sections per
I am having a debate with a fellow technologist, this person believes it is
a waste of time.
I believe the more information you can place on the slide, the better for
the patient/client and the tech. (fewer recut to deal with).
Please answer me directly,  I will post the results at a later date.

Many thanks.

Pat Haley
HTN, inc. 

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