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From:Gayle Callis <>
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I have a question.  I looked at the photo of this humidity chamber, and how
do you avoid running buffers, etc over one another when doing IHC staining?
 do you have to pick up the slides to rinse,etc.  If so the coverplate
system is a no hands on system from beginning of staining until the end.  I
can see the advantages of the humidity chamber, but picking each of 40
slides is a lot of manual work, particularly for fingers that dislike that
kind of exercise and it takes more time.    

What do the acrylic slide trays have for design? Do they permit the fluid
to be drained away without cross contaminating the other slides.  The
Scytek Slidemaster allows tipping the slides in a way that everything
drains away from the slides, no cross contamination with multiple
antibodies.  This is another system that permits 20 slides per unit, flat
staining, very nice but a bit pricier than the Shandon humidity chamber.  

It this was the case, the old metal trays I have (same as in the photo of
Shandon catalog) could be put into a Rubbermaid food storage container,
elevated in some way, for less than $10 per container, and still use the
metal trays, or the acrylic slide trays.  One could punt here for a lot
less money, and I considered using my old trays, BUT the cross
contamination and handling negated that efficiency problem.

Must be Friday!  No offense to the design, but a means of good drainage
away from slides without messing up the adjacent slides would be a boon
here for time and unnecessary handling improvements.


>Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 13:27:47 -0800 (PST)
>From: Kathy Wortham <>
>Subject: Re: Incubation chambers
>CC: HistoNet Server <>
>Shandon Lipshaw makes a humidity chamber 
>(clear acrylic with aluminum slide trays) that holds
>40 slides (can hold 60 slides if you order extra
>trays). We have two and we love them. 
>Shandon Lipshaw phone # 1-800-547-7429
>Humidity Chamber (order #197)
>Extra acrylic tray (order #198)
>Extra aluminum tray (order #203)
>Kathy Wortham 
>USDA, Food Safety 
>Athens, Ga 
>--- Cynthia A Delong <DELONG_CYNTHIA_A@LILLY.COM>
>> Does anyone know  of anyone who carries incubation
>> chambers that hold approx.
>> 40 slides.  I am staining large quantity of slides 
>> and no I don't have funds
>> available for a  automatic stainer.
>> Please contact
>> Cindy DeLong
>> Eli Lilly and Company
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