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    Try placenta as an Alpha Feto Protein control. There is not a shortage of that tissue and it stains nicely.
Amos Brooks

"Barnhart, Tammy" wrote:

> I need help locating control tissue for the Alpha Fetoprotein antibody.  I would like to have a heptatocelluar carcinoma sample to use for a positive control, but we rarely see those tumors.  We have had a couple of needle bxs come through, but the sample size is insufficient to use as control material.  Can anyone help? P.S.  We have never seen a yolk sac tumor!!!!
> Tammy Barnhart, B.S., HTL(ASCP)
> Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
> St. Alexius Medical Center/ Pathology Consultants, P.C.
> Bismarck, ND

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