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From:Barbara Stancel <>
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Toni and other interested,
After thinking about my comments overnight, I realized I neglected to say 
anything about HOW the other tissue processors worked.  We selected the VIP 
for very specific reasons--to maintain quality recycled ETOH. To my 
knowledge no one else has seemed to have experienced the problems we had 
with contamination of xylene in our alcohol.

The other tissue processors(Leica, Shandon, etc) we tried processed the 
tissues very well. During our demo period, I checked references on the other 
processors and people were very happy with them, their processing and 
service. I would have no reservations about having any of them in our 

When you chose a tissue processor always choice one that suits your specific 

Barbara Stancel
Patholgy Section
USDA, FSIS, Eastern Lab
Athens, GA
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