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From:Gayle Callis <>
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I'm lost here!  By paraffin cleaning function, do you mean cleaning the
PROCESSOR after the run is finished, using xylene or another clearant??

1.  We CLEAN the paraffin out of  VIP processor before a new run, using
xylene in an enclosed system, never tried Clearite 3 or Propar, mainly
because of expense.  Guess this could be called the (paraffin?) cleaning

2.  We rotate the paraffins, the first one comes out, rotate the second
down etc when paraffin is contaminated by too much clearant (carryover) but
this is, in a technical sense, accessing cleaner paraffin.  We have no way
to remove or clean clearant from the melted paraffin (disposed of instead).
 I guess I have never referred to this practice as cleaning paraffin, if
that is what is being alluded to.  

Could just be a dense fog day here and a bit of semantics.   

Gayle Callis

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 07:03:51 -0800
>From: "MacDonald, Jennifer" <>
>Subject: RE: Paraffin cleaning
>To: HistoNet Server <>, 'Scott Taft'
>    <>
>We use Xylene Substitue (Histosolve) and the paraffin cleaning function does
>NOT adequately clean the paraffin.  We stopped using it and just rotate the
>paraffins more often.
>Jennifer MacDonald
>San Antonio Community Hospital
>Upland, CA  91786
>(909) 985-2811 ext. 4148
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>> Subject: 	Paraffin cleaning
>> Good Monday (or whenever you get this) to you
>> Histonetters!
>> For those of you who:
>>   1)Use the paraffin cleaning function on your tissue
>>     processor
>>   2)Use Xylene substitute on your processor
>> Have you been able to clean your paraffin adequately?
>> Mucho thanks,
>> Scott Taft HT(ASCP)
>> Ventana Medical/Tucson AZ
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