Leica TP1050 user and happy!

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From:Kathy Oprea <koprea@calc.vet.uga.edu>
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Hi all,
After demoing several processors, our lab unanimously agreed that the 
Leica TP1050 was the one of choice for our lab. I called some users 
of the Leica processor to get the inside scoop on their experience 
on this unit and all were pleased. A few admitted that they had to 
have minor problems worked out, but the TP1050 was a good purchase.
I firmly believe that some equipment is better suited to some labs 
than others and that we should not "dis" equipment because it is not 
suited to "our" lab. I also do not think that equipment problems 
should be aired on histonet before going to the vendor/manufacturer 
for help. We have had our Leica TP1050 for 8 months and are VERY 
pleased with processed tissues. Being a veterinary teaching hospital 
we process literally every species imaginable. We are particularly 
pleased with the reagent management system. It took a few weeks to 
develop a maintenance schedule that worked well for us, but with the 
companies help it was a fairly painless process. The support we have 
received from both Vashaw Scientific (the vendor we purchased our 
processor from) and Leica has been wonderful. Recently I was given 
the opportunity to be part of a group that was given a training 
session on the Leica TP1050 off location. To my knowledge all went 
well and there are plans to continue these training sessions. As 
someone mentioned previously, "it is impossible to learn about the 
workings and troubleshooting of a processor in a few hours with the 
daily work and problems going on around you." Admittedly we 
encountered a small problem with our new processor after it was 
installed. The problem did not compromise our tissues and the company 
moved quickly to make adjustments needed. We have not 
had a problem since. There are several good processors on the 
market- making the decision of which one to puchase difficult.  Demo 
several, and decide which one suits your needs.
I will get off the soap box now.
Have a good day,
                Thank you 
 Kathy Oprea                     
 University of Georgia          
 College of Veterinary Medicine  
 Athens, GA 30602-7388           
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