RE: DAKO Stainer Problems?

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From:"Horn, Hazel" <>
To:'Sandy Julsing' <>,

no problems here with our plastic racks..............LOVE OUR

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> From:	Sandy Julsing []
> Sent:	Thursday, March 30, 2000 09:44 AM
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> Subject:	DAKO Stainer Problems?
>       Has anyone had any problems with the new plastice racks inside the
> DAKO autostainer? We cannot seem to get them level, if one slide position
> is level another is not. This has been the cause (we think) of
> non-specific staining on corners ofslides that were so tilted that when
> the DAB was applied it ran off and that corner air-dried.  Anyone other
> DAKO autostainer users noticing this?  Thanks,  Sandosis

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