Impeccable staining dishes and lids

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From:Andrea Perez <>
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Hello Everyone!
I am looking for some glass staining dishes and lids, with preferably no 
nicks or gashes in them.  We currently use the glass dishes that are 
(LxWxH): 5" x 4" x 3".  All of the usual companies (eg, Fisher Scientific, 
Allegiance, Thomas, Newcomer Supply) are stating that these are no longer 
made.  I know that there are larger staining dishes that hold 60 slides in 
the metal racks, but we are a small lab, and using that much fluid is just a 
waste.  The dishes I am looking for hold 30 slides in their corresponding 
metal racks, new or used.  If anyone can sell us some, or can give me more 
information as to where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it.  
Thank you all for time and input!

Andrea M. Perez
University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Tucson, Arizona
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