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From:Don Hammer <donh7@earthlink.net>
To:Histonet <Histonet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
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The other day I sent a note to Sumiko Sumida and got an automated response
from her Norton AntiVirus program that my mail to her was infected.  I had a
virus check program on my computer that had not been updated. (friendly
reminder to everyone)

Well, I put away my garden tools, postponed my Hot Tub session, stored my
freshly made Jack and Water, shaved and ran out and bought Norton......spent
a couple hours loading it, updating new AntiVirus programs from their site
and then ran a complete check/fix.

After all was complete, it had identified a virus that attacked and disabled
my "Signature line" !!   Now isn't that the height of jealousy??  *Big Grin*

Don Hammer, Retired Guy

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