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This is a rather old and convoluted story, and ultimately a tricky antibody.  We
have been marketing this antibody for many years.  It has been a sore spot,
because it is very difficult to support technically.  We get it to stain, others
do, and others do not.

Cyclin D1 is among many cyclins that are expressed during proliferation.
Therefore, highly proliferating tissues, like breast ca or tonsil will express
this protein.  We have good success using breast ca in our QC lab.  However, not
all of the breasts work that well.  This is what I have learned in dealing with
various labs.  I am not sure of the reason, be it fixation or expression or

Anyways, in mantle cell lymphomas, there is an over expression of the cyclin D1
that is associated with a gene translocation.  So there is a subtle increase in
the amount of staining as compared to the control (meaning 3+ compared to 2+...
something like that).  There are several good papers on this, if you like we can
fax them to you.  As I said, this is a very difficult antibody to work with...

If my memory serves me correctly, the techs in Tom Grogan's lab have been
successful using combining a HEIR pretreatment and an enzyme pretreatment.  This
has allowed them for more consistent results.  In Clive Taylor's lab, they
actually use a cocktail of 2 different monoclonal antibodies to get consistency.
Again, the results vary from lab to lab.

We have a a comprehensive data sheet available at this location on the web:

The recommended clone is DCS-6.  On our sight, you can see an image of the stain,
and you can print the data sheet if you have adobe acrobat software with your web
browser (interface).  If you cannot get it from the web, please send me an e-mail
and we will fax the informatino to you.

I direct you to the data sheet because there is a very complete description of
the Cyclin story, and many references.

Please let me know if I may assist you further.

Mark Corl
Lab Vision - NeoMarkers
Technical Support wrote:

> Some of you have written that you use brain, tonsil, or lymphoma for Cyclin
> D1 control.  Doesn't it have to be mantle cell lymphoma?  What would it stain
> in the brain and tonsil?  The spec sheet doesn't address what to use for
> control.
> Ellen

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