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Check out Bancroft and Stevens, 4th Ed. pp165-166 for discussion of this.
The standard technique is ThioflavineT, either Vassar and Culling, 1959
version or the pH1.4 variant of Burns et al, 1967. The related fluorochrome,
Thioflavine S, found some favour in the US after Schwartz, 1970.


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> Hi all!
> I need your help and expertise.  Has anyone out there heard of a Thio S
> for 
> amyloid?  I have done plenty of THio T's but I have a new Pathologist who 
> insists that Thio S is different than Thio T and is a "standard" staining 
> procedure.  I could not find Thio S in any of my Histo books.  Your help
> is 
> appreciated as always.  Thanks in advance.  LuAnn

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