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Oh how I love the smell of Xylene in the mornin!!!

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> Dear Peter,
> 	You don't know how relieved I am that you made the comment about
> xylene smelling nice.  It's nice to know there is one more out there who
> shares my fondness for that particular aroma.  Acetone is another personal
> favorite.  One of the reasons I went into histology MANY years ago was
> because I liked the way that part of the lab smelled.   Guess that's why
> xylene is called an "aromatic" hydrocarbon;  the histologists' own
> personal
> brand of aromatherapy!  Now, before the "safety patrol" comes after me - I
> haven't allowed those intoxicating smells in my lab in many years.  Just
> reminiscing:-)
> 	Actually, as a safety note, it doesn't pay to keep  chemicals
> without the proper signage on them.  We had been using Fisher's " Aerosol
> OT"  solution (butyl cellosolve) in the water bath as a surfactant.  Once
> again, this particular chemical had an almost hypnotically sweet aroma -
> intensified by the warm waterbath.  Didn't need to use but a capful per
> day
> so the bottle lasted and lasted, etc. (early '80's).  Nothing on the
> label,
> no MSDS.  Finally, one day we ordered a new bottle(1991).  WOW - you
> should
> have seen the new label on this bottle.  Among the items that caught my
> attention were phrases such as:  IMMEDIATELY dangerous to life or health,
> causes hemolytic anemia, narcosis, kidney or liver failure and brain
> damage, and involuntary movement of the eyeball.  Needless to say, we
> promptly changed our waterbath protocol.
> 	Linda
> PS - Always thought the citrus-based, xylene subtiutes smelled like a
> Florida orange grove "gone bad"!
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