ER1D5,PR(1A6) and cytoplasmic staining

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From:"Terrett, Barb" <>
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Hello histonetters!
We have been having a problem with cytoplasmic staining in our ER/PR slides
since we switched over to Novared. These are the only 2 stains to give us
any real problems. Changing the titre has had no effect on this background,
nor has blocking with a variety of different things. It has been suggested
that there may be a problem with the antibodies, however,on switching back
to AEC the background disappears.  Novared is a great chromogen, but right
now we have to do our ER/PR with AEC to make them of diagnostic value. I
know some one out there must be using Novared with these antibodies and
making it work. Please help!
P.S. the background is a bigger problem with the PR, and is not present in
all cases. Since much of our work is referred in from other hospitals, we
have no control over what ahppens to the tissue before it arrives as slides
in our lab. Since these same slides work with AEC, there has to be something
we can do to make them work with Novared!

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