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Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:19:30 -0600
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Yea, we are faced with the same situation in Rats.  We are injecting the
rats with human prostate cancer cells and need to distinguish between the
rat and human cells.  We have not gotten this far yet but assume that you
would need an IHC marker specific to the animal and which does not
cross-react with the other animal, it might be tuff to find, as most
antibodies we use for human tissues usually also stain the rat samples.
Even an antibody which was supposed to be specific for rat osteocalcin also
stained human osteocalcin in my hands.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Subject:	IHC human cells in mouse

		Hello everybody,
			We are injecting human tumor cells into mice. I am
looking for a
		way of distinguishing the human cells in mouse tissues. I
guess an MHC
		antigen could be used for this. Has anybody done it and what
		would you recommend?
			Thanks a lot,
		Sarka Lhotak
		Cancer Centre
		McMaster University
		Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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