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From:Melody Ricci <melodyricci@usa.net>
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Date:Wed, 02 Jun 1999 12:37:58 -0500 (CDT)
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Sorry to clump these replies, but I only have time to read the digest, so my
replies are "digested" as well!

Scott (Blades)  My vote is for the Accu-Edge.

Kim (new lab)  You can never "overkill" when it comes to ventiliation in the
histolab - Unless it sucks your microtome ribbons from your hands.  The
enclosed chemical fume hoods are the best ventiliation that I have found for
enclosing staining racks, and particularly coverslipping areas. The down side
of those, is that most do not have a "knee hole" and allow comfortable sitting
during coverslipping.  A ceiling exhaust fan would be less space consuming
over your processor area.  Your facilities/engineers will be able to help with
the design of that one.  

Jeanie (HT)  Congrats on passing the exam!  Is the HTL next?

Fernando (PCNA, BrdU)  I don't think I caught if this was something that was
going to be done on formalin/paraffin or frozen.  I've heard that PCNA is not
very stable after long term formalin fixation.  BrdU can be applied directly
to the slides, versus in vivo treatment, but it is a little more time
consuming.  You might consider Ki-67 which is a proliferation antibody as
well.  It labels cells in all stages of the cell cycle other than G0 and works
well on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues with citrate pretreatment. 
If you are interested in more info on that clone, e-mail me directly at: 


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