RE: Standing at the microtome

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From:Alex Brown <>
To:"'Histonet'" <>
Date:Wed, 02 Jun 1999 17:24:00 +0100
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Hi Barbara,
	I don't think it's a UK 'thing'. I've known people who cut
sitting down, with the microtome facing them. Not many I will admit,
but some. I personally have always cut sections whilst standing up , and
with the microtome side on. ( for more years than I care to remember )
Never really had much problem with RSI , and hope I'm not tempting fate
by saying so :)  ( if I do now,  I'll be over to see you !!! )
	Alex Brown
	Crosshouse Hospital
Subject: Standing at the microtome
Date: 01 June 1999 20:21

When I  was  taught  cutting  with the
microtome (many years ago)  we  stood
at  a  counter -

I was told  by  my teacher  - she  had
always done it that  way - and  thought
that  possibly her teacher  learned histology  in  England....

So I have continued  to  do this  - no
carpal  tunnel  -good  posture- weight
contol  -

But  I've been curious  - is it done this
way  in UK? - does anyone else cut
standing up-

best regards to all  "histonetters"

Barbara Webb HT(ASCP)HTL
Dorchester General  Hospital
Cambridge, Maryland

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