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From:"Hendry, Chris I" <>
To:"'HistoNet Discussion Group'" <>
Date:Mon, 07 Jun 1999 14:47:11 -0300

Hi all,

I've been processing marine fish larvae/juvenile tissue for over a year now,
and I've had success with my schedule so far.  However, while I was tweaking
this schedule and whatnot, other schedules that were suggested to me
included a vacuum during paraffin infiltration, and others suggested a
wax/clearing agent mixture before infiltration.  Could anyone let me in on
the importance of these modifications?  I use some of these suggestions, but
I am simply curious about they're operation on tissue.  As well, how much
damage would this do to my smallest, and untried, larval samples (i.e., less
than 15 mm long, 2-3 mm thick)?

Here's what I am using, FYI:

70% EtOH (indef.)
95% EtOH 2x1 hr
100% EtOH 2x1 hr
Toluene 2x1 hr
50:50 Toluene:Paraffin 1 hr
Paraplast X-tra 2 x 45 min.
Paraplast X-tra 30 min (vacuum)

Thanks for your time.

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