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Date:Sun, 13 Jun 1999 15:49:33 +1000
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Dear Lynn,
I'm sorry I can't help. But this appears to be more of a Microbiology
exercise, and if you can find a way to circulate your request through the
ASM you might have more success. Another possible long shot, would be the
Private Electricity Supplier/Generators and water testing authorities in the
US, their labs have good experience in looking for exotic amoeba eg.
Naegleria Fowleri because of their uses of heated water storage/transport
cooling towers etc. and are always seeking means of reducing any potential
hazard for their workers and others.
You might also contact Bret Robinson at the South Australian Govt. Water
testing authority." ".
Regards Mike (Downunder)
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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From: Lynn Gardner <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, 12 June 1999 10:58
Subject: Question

>Dear All,
>Does anyone in all of histoland know of a histotech, cytotech or biology
>lab that is working with the testing of acanthamoeba. In short this is an
>organism suspected to cause corneal problems. I am looking for someone who
>can perform vitro tests for testing  the susceptibility of acanthamoeba
>against antimicrobial agents.  In detail, the minimal inhibition
>concentration (MIC) of contact lens preservatives against acanthamoeba
>should be determined.
>I would appreciate any information from anyone (techs, vendors,
>pharmaceutical companies, etc.) doing this type of testing even if they are
>not working with acanthamoeba specifically. You may either respond to this
>e-mail or contact me by phone 319-335-7095. I would appreciate an answer as
>quickly as possible. Thanks everyone!
>Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)
>Supervisory Research Assistant III
>FC Blodi Eye Pathology Laboratory
>The University of Iowa
>233 MRC
>Iowa City, IA 52242-1182
>Phone: 319-335-7095
>Fax: 319-335-7193

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