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Date:Sun, 13 Jun 1999 15:11:48 +1000
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Dear Scott,
my wife tells me it's genetic or I'm just plain getting old. In any event it
only seems to short term, like what I said five minutes ago. But after 20 or
more years of Xylene who knows?
However, if memory serves me correct (no pun intended) the NSH examined this
and other symptoms assoc. with xylene over a decent time period. No longer
having access to the relevant journals, I can't give you a reference, but
strongly suggest you get in touch with the NSH, and look at their archive
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Saturday, 12 June 1999 1:54
Subject: Memory Loss

>Hi all,
>I talked with a Histotechnologist in Chicago yesterday who asked me if
>I knew of any memory loss trends in Histology labs anywhere. There are
>2 ladies in this lab who are in their 40's and have slight exposure to
>xylene. The levels have been monitored and are within OSHA standards.
>They are both experiencing memory loss.
>She wondered if it could be the xylene or if that's part of growing
>into the age 40 bracket.
>Any input out there?
>Scott Taft HT(ASCP)/Tucson AZ
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