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We use a cassmark because its nice to be able   to read the numbers not
to mention that writing these small numbers leads to extreme Carpal
tunnel """PAIN and unnecessary SUFFERING""""Progress makes for neater
work plus keeps histotechs healther!!!!!! Sense there is already a
shortege of us lets take advantage of inovation.

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We use "SHUR/Mark TBS (item #9023)"  from BBC (1-800-635-4477).  Unlike the
regular SHUR/Mark pens, these last for months (not days) and have
replaceable tips.  We have not had any problems with the ink washing off
either the cassettes or the slides.  Call them up and they will send you a
free sample.  Once you use them, you will probably never go back to the
other markers or pencils.  If you need more info, let me know.

Michelle L. Skelton
Alaska Native Medical Center
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> i have been hearing about cassette numbers washing off lately.  anyone
> else 
> having this problem?  what pen is being used by the majority of histonet 
> users? it seems that the cassettes from sakura are smoother than usual,
> any 
> response ? looking into marking systems. any suggestions?  are any of you 
> histonetters having this problem and what do you attribute to it ?


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