Re: [Histonet] Imaging systems for IHC and FISH

From:Linda M Watson

Hi Roxanne,
We purchased the Ariol SL-50 4 years ago. In the past we used Image Pro 
Plus for most all our image analysis, if applicable. It served it 
purpose but was extremely time consuming. The Ariol SL-50 changed our 
lives for the better. Analysis using IPP would take up to a week for two 
to complete. Those same experiments would be done in 2 days. The 
company, Applied Imaging-now Genetix has a very good product manager and 
has taken many suggestions from us and others to upgrade the software to 
meet our needs. Keep in mind that, as many of us know, computer driven 
instruments can sometimes have littel hic-ups but their tech services 
are always available to help get you back on line. Overall, I love our 
instrument. I would suggest that you look at other companies and make 
comparisons. The Ariol does everything that we need it to do but it may 
not meet all your needs.

Linda wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>I first want to thank you for all of the questions you have helped myself an others with throughout the years.? That being said, here is another one.......
>Has anyone used or considered using the ARIOL system from Applied Imaging?? If you have what are your likes and dislikes of the instrument, if you have not, then why did you decide against it?
>If you had to do it all over again, would you purchase it?? Why/why not?
>Again, I thank you for your time.
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