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From:"Joe Nocito"

at my last place of employment, we were a referral lab for a hospital. 
Standard protocol was to reprocess all the blocks and cut an H&E before 
sending the case to the pathologist. This hospital had the worst histology 
that I've even seen. I would be embarrassed to put out such substandard 
work. I volunteered my services to maybe assist with issues, but was turned 
down flat. I do not know how the pathologist made an accurate diagnosis or 
how they didn't get creamed by CAP.

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Always a good goal, Cheryl. I work in a reference lab so we have 'tissue
issues' with outside blocks that are out of our control. One way we cope
with 'tissue issues' beyond our control is to have a form that the
histotechs fill out regarding bad processing, embedding, ect... This form
goes with the case to the doc, and documents these issues. This way the doc
knows we have had a problem (& aren't just slacking!) , he can request
reprocessing or re-embedding if desired.

Patti Loykasek BS, HTL, QIHC
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> Not meaning to flame anyone here but,  My daily goal, so to speak is too
> always hand to the pathologists a slide of trays that are as close to
> perfection as possible. I never expect "rejection" of our slides. When 
> this
> happens I investigate, find the cause and then address it. Otherwise the
> "they are just Histotechs' you know, anyone can do what they do" attitude
> would be just. It is a matter of pride for me. When I do have issues with
> difficult cases such as difficulty in cutting I will go to the
> reading Pathologist and give him a heads up, letting them know the slides
> are less than optimal.
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