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From:"Vacca Jessica"

I just listened to the latest CAP teleconference and they recommend not
even labeling the slides. Their idea was that it would save in
additional errors in the event that the wrong pt. Label was placed on
the slide. ANP.2150 which is specific to pathology does not state 2
identifiers. So Pathology should just follow that. My opinion only.

Jessica Vacca
Histology Supervisor
Brandon Regional Hospital
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I believe this two identifier mess came about on the clinical side where
CAP and JCAHO instituted this requirement for blood specimens. With
HIPAA regulations, one has to wonder if the right hand knows what the
left hand is doing. Just my thoughts.

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I found this at CAP.......

ANP.21100             Phase II N/A   YES   NO

Are blocks identified adequately?

NOTE:  Each block of tissue must be identified by the entire accession
number assigned to the case and by any descriptive letter(s)/number(s)
added by the prosector during the dissection.  If additional blocks are
prepared later, all lists and logs must reflect these additions.
Identification number and letter(s)/numbers(s) must be affixed to all
blocks in a manner that remains legible.



**REVISED** 12/12/2006

ANP.21150             Phase II N/A   YES   NO

Are slides identified permanently with adequate, legible information?

NOTE:  Each slide must be identified by the entire accession number and
descriptive letters unique to the block from which it is cut.  Other
appropriate identifiers should be included as applicable (e.g., levels
of sectioning).  Automated prelabeling systems are acceptable.
Regardless of whether the identifying information is on the slide or on
a label, the information must be indelible, legible and able to
withstand all stages of processing and conditions of storage.

The laboratory director is responsible for ensuring that slides are
adequately, permanently identified.



REFERENCE: O'Briain DS, et al. Sorting out mix-ups. The provenance of
tissue sections may be confirmed by PCR using microsatellite markers. Am
J Clin Pathol. 1996;106:758-764.

Jeanine Bartlett
Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch
(404) 639-3590

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Our Path lab is changing over to Co-Path, and we were told our slides
had to have two patient identifiers. We only put the surgical number on
our slides and have not seen any slides from other labs with more than
one identifier. Is this is a CAP requirement.

Gale Pardue

Memorial Health Care System

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