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SigmaAldrich has a large variety of anti-FLAG antibodies.  Have the usual mouse culprits but if that is not what you want, I've used their rabbit monoclonal anti-FLAG Ab successfully on mouse tissue (didn't try brain).  They also have rabbit polyclonal anti-FLAG but did not try.  I'm not a big mouse-on-mouse fan at all.  But I have used their directly conjugated mouse monoclonal anti-FLAGs on mouse tissue (again, not brain).  Remember, if you don't know, that anti-FLAG antibodies are a bit idiosyncratic.  Some MUST have calcium (Ca2+) ions present during incubation or you will get no binding.  Some are not like that but many are.

Ray Koelling
Phenopath Labs
Seattle, WA

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> Hello, 
> I was hoping someone could suggest a good anti-flag antibody for use in mouse 
> brain. A lot of anti-flags are monoclonal, which is not very good for mouse 
> tissue obviously. Does anyone have a suggestion? The amino acid sequence of 
> the flag is DYKDDDDK. A FITC tag would be helpful as well, but right now just 
> having a non-mouse antibody would be great. Also, has anyone tried the 
> mouse-on-mouse kits in the brain or have suggestions for going this route? 
> Thanks! 
> Caroline 
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