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From:"Ford Royer"

What Joe is describing is the proper alignment of the magnetic polarity.
The magnetic switches on the VIP have a North and South pole just like all
magnets.  Any magnet with enough strength can be used to activate the
magnetic switches but you may have to turn or move the magnet around to
match it to poles on the switch.  Also Gayle mentioned using a magnetic stir
bar which will work if it is strong enough, but it may not “stick” in place
to free you from having to hold it in place while you try to operate the key
pad.  A small sized horseshoe magnet like Rene mentioned might work better
and stay in place by itself.  In an emergency one time I found one at a
kid’s toy store that was the right size and strength to activate the switch.
Refrigerator magnets of the right strength will also work.

~ Ford

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not only those, but I purchased some round magnets and those work too. I 
have to slide the magnet back and forth a little, but how can you go wrong 
for $1.99?

Joe, I'm unemployed for now, the Toe.
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> Almost any magnet "horse-shoe" type can be used.
>  René J.
> "Prestridge, Linda S."  wrote:
>  Does anyone have a magnet to use on the VIP they no longer use. If you
> can let go of it, please mail to Seton Medical Center, 1201 W.38th St.,
> Austin, TX 78705. Send to Linda Prestridge, Histology Dept.
> Thanks,
> LP
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