Re: [Histonet] Reitculin stain

From:Kathleen Roberts

Granted, I cannot truly say what it is without looking at the slide itself,
but it is likely that what you are seeing is an air bubble that is trapped in
the mounting medium.

If the others concur, try soaking off the coverslip in xylene and remounting
the slide with fresh medium.  If you angle the slide just right in the light,
you should be able to see the bubbles and get them out using light pressure on
the coverslip-don't break the glass or smear your tissue.  If mounting medium
squishes out along the edges, you can clean that up with xylene and a Kimwipe.

Good luck on your practical!
Kathleen Roberts
Principal Lab Technician
Neurotoxicology Labs
Rutgers University

Craig Squire wrote:

> Good Day everyone  :)
> I am doing the silver stain for reticulin fibers in dog liver, and I keep
> getting an artifact on top of my tissues after staining.  It 's a dark,
> circular structure that is on top of the tissue, but under the coverslip.
> You can only see it when you look at it under the scope.  The tissue looks
> great and it staining properly, but this is for my cerification and I want
> to make sure it's perfect!!
> Heather Squire
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