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From:"Connie McManus"

My husband is doing the same thing with EM. I'll tell you what we have
been doing and maybe it will help you. 

1) Make a list of all the possible clients and contact them to let them
know your ARE starting a business (not just thinking about it).  

2)  Create a name for your business. 

3)  Make some nice --- not expensive --- business cards.  

4)  If you don't have a cell phone, get one.  You don't want to miss
important calls.  

5)  Create a website for  your business

6)  This is probably the MOST important thing you can do:  Hire a CPA
who is associated with an attorney who specialize in business law and
setting up businesses. Our CPA and attorney have been worth their weight
in gold (thought you'd never hear anyone say THAT about a lawyer, eh?
*g*).  There is a LOT of legal stuff you MUST know about setting up a

7)  Find a place to run your business from.  You'll need a building
somewhere that is appropriately set up for (or be inexpensively
remodeled) fume hoods, chemical hygiene (read air flow, etc).  
		7a)  This will depend on what kind of things you will be
doing 			in your business -- are you going to accept
tissues in 			fixative and process them or are you
going to only accept 			embedded tissues?  What kind of
staining --- routine H&E 			plus specials and IHC,
FISH, etc?  (these are things to 			think about, not
necessarily respond to *g*)
8) You'll absolutely need computers with internet access.  This is the
ONLY way to do business anymore.  Websites (as previously mentioned) can
be a means for acquiring clients from ANYWHERE.  You'll need them for
processing data, entering billing codes, etc.  (I'm sure you're aware of
this, but I have to mention it anyway *g*)
If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to
contact me privately.  I wish the very best to you in this endeavor.

Connie McManus
Utah Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Phone:  435/797-1891
fax: 435/797-2805

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Hello Histonetters, 
  I am thinking about starting a Histology service independently and was
wondering if anyone has any information about this? I know there is a
lot of research and teaching institutes that order multiple slides on
tissue blocks for teaching purposes, i.e. control tissue.  Is there any
demand or advantage for this to the client? (Saving money?)  Are there
any regulations that prohibit this?  I welcome any and all comments!!!
Thanks in advance..
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