Re: [Histonet] Reconditioned Leica Autostainer or Sikora Bach Stainer

Hi Kevin,
      The Leica Histostainer IG was the immunostainer (ST5050). This was
distributed by Zymed and has been discontinued. The  Autostainer (ST5010)
is a general purpose stainer as is  the newer larger capacity

Don Birgerson
Leica Microsystems
Technical Assistance Center
1-800-248-0123  ext 5918

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   Dear All:

   I am looking to buy one of these, I have been to LabX and beyond but I
   am still searching.
   I  have been told that the Leica Autostainer is for H&E, but I believe
   it  is  also  for  immunos, am I thinking of different models? or am I
   just wrong?

   I  have  also been put on to Lamar Jones, Lamar if you are out there I
   would  love to talk to you, but do not seem able to get past his voice
   mail, any help on the situation would be appreciated.

   Can any of you give any references for either of these two options.

   Thank you for your help.

   Yours faithfully,

   A. Kevin Williams


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