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From:"Michelle D. Moore"

Hello fellow histonetters
    I was wondering if I could get some information on your policies for tissues that are exempt from submitting to pathology. I am having some issues with my medical staff currently, they set up their bylaws that include what is to be submitted for examination by pathology but continually violate their own policies. I am in a small hospital lab and have problems with my surgery staff not following the policy in place and listening to the doctors regardless of the fact that for the last 6 years we have been fighting over who they should listen to we keep going over and over the policy and they still continue to listen to the surgeon instead of the policy. The doctors are violating their own bylaws and refuse to take the proper channels to change things. Currently the chief of the medical staff is an anesthetist in the OR and is going behind our back and trying to change things without including my pathologist or myself. I am trying to get some info on what other facilities do as a way to show them how stupid they are being about their request. I will not be using anyone's names just the facility names if that is ok with those of you supplying me with the info I am looking for. They also want a clause at the end stating that the surgeon has final say on what we receive which in my opinion voids the entire policy and they may as well not have a pathology department at all if they can pick and choose at their discretion what is sent and what  is not. Sorry for rambling but I am very FRUSTRATED to say the least and am looking for help with this issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can respond to me directly if you do not wish to post on the histonet, tmhpath@amigo.net. Thank you for listening.

Michelle Moore HT(ASCP)
The Memorial Hospital 
Craig, CO
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