Re: [Histonet] Quality Control / calibration of scales used in Histology lab

From:Bill Blank

At 8:40 AM -0400 6/14/04, Smallwood, Lorraine wrote:
>Good morning!  I need some guidance as to how other labs are 
>performing quality control and/or calibration on the balances and 
>weight scales used in other Histology labs.  Can anyone share this 
>information with me?  Do you use an analytical balance?

The only scale we use is for weighing gross specimens to the nearest 
gm. We use a set of weights from 0.5 gm to 1 kg to calibrate an 
electronic balance. We also use a beam balance to balance centrifuge 
tubes, but as weight is relative calibration is irrelevant. We do not 
use an analytical balance.
Bill Blank, MD
Heartland Lab, Inc

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