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From:Jesus Ellin

Thank you everyone for your information, currently the hospital that I am working for, is going to purchase the last technology that Tamtron can provide,, it is suppose to be able to interface with slide and cassette labelers.  Also it is going to be able to accession  case through a barcode technology,  were the cases are assigned to the pathologist by waving a wand and the system reads the barcode, as well as the pathologist accessing the case by using a barcode scanner that pulls up the patient name, demographics, history, ect.  So it is important for us to know what is the rest of the counrty using with this system.  Our biggest debate currently is to either go with a slide etcher that writes directly on the slide a with barcode, or barcode labels ( xylene resistant of course) ,, we have heard alot of horror stories about the barcode labels falling off, as well as slides writers being slow and the ink coming off. 
We are planning to go live in August and be fully automated.  So if anyone can give me some hints,, or tricks that have made adapting to the system easier.  Please let me know.
Jesus Ellin HTL(ASCP)

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