Re: Tamtron computer system

From:"T. Truscott"

FYI, I use a TBS Shur/Mark for cassettes and slides. Simport EZ load 
cassettes print best, but I also use Surgipath because sponges fit better. 
Colormark slides are easier to read after the number is "chiseled" in. 
However, I don't imprint the slides often , because I use a Ventana system 
that prints stain resistant barcode labels for their automatic stainer.  
Questions Tom Truscott HT USDA-ARS ADRU 3003 ADBF  WSU Pullman WA 99164. 

>From: Victor Tobias 
>To: Laurie Colbert 
>Subject: Re: Tamtron computer system
>Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 09:10:18 -0700 (PDT)
>To all,
>We have been using Vs 8 since 1999. I would be
>happy to discuss any questions that a user may have. Tamtron is planning
>to integrate cassette labelling in an upcoming version. We personally are
>using the Thermoshandon microwriter. This is not an endorsement for any
>product, just an FYI.
>Victor Tobias
>Clinical Applications Analyst
>Department of Pathology
>University of Washington

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