Re: Nail by paraffin section?

From:"T. Truscott"

Muhammad, You can soften up those toenails with an hair remover such as 
"NAIR". Just soak them in it for several days until they are soft and 
flexable. Tom

>From: Melissa Jans 
>To: Histology ,
>Subject: Re: Nail by paraffin section?
>Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 09:30:00 -0700 (PDT)
>We routinely do a PAS stain for fungus on toenails with good staining 
>results.  However, you may find that the most difficult problem you will 
>run into is getting the section to stay on the slide.  We have found that 
>slides coated with APES solution works best, with Stay-On in your 
>waterbath.  Good Luck!!
>Melissa Jans
>University of Iowa Healthcare
>Histology  wrote:
>Can anyone out there in histoland tell me what the procedure is for 
>detection of fungal infection of nail by paraffin section? Thanks
>Muhammad Tahseen
>Histology Supervisor
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