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Hello all,

We are going to purchase a new fluorescent scope and imaging system. We have been doing demo’s all week with Leica, Nikon, Zeiss and today Olympus. (Most of the digital camera’s all seem to come with the same chip inside) We are having users of our facility come by and try out each new system. The system we have now is about 12 years old… A Leica scope with a spot cam..The images are amazing on all these new systems..I guess we will see how the quotes go.(Money is an issue!)




Tammy M. Bailey

University of Alabama-Birmingham

Histology Analysis Module Manager

Vision Science Research Center

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We are looking to purchase a digital camera to hook up to dissecting and compound microscopes and interfaced with a computer. We need something high resolution. We are considering a Moticam 1300 (1.3 mega pixel resolution) but are interested in others who have similar needs/equipment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Virgil Stoia, D.C.

National University of Health Sciences



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