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From:Histology SLU

Hello All:
We are currently doing a demo on the Artisan and I have a few questions for which answers need to come from seasoned users.  If anyone can help, I would be very appreciative.  The reagent bottles come in 50 test volumes and have an expiration of 6 months.  Since part of the start up is that the unit checks expiration dates on each reagent and will not allow you to use it past the expiration, are there any of you out there  who have experienced having to discard reagents that the machine would not let you use?  We all know that many of these reagents have a shelf life many times longer than 6 months.  Has anyone found a way to still use a reagent that has a known longer shelf life than the company's expiration?  I would need to take this problem into consideration in my analysis of the reagents for using this method of staining.  Thanks for any help given.  Have a great weekend.
Susan Hay-Antoff
St. Louis University

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