Re: Clear-Rite etc, mounting media compatibility

From:Gayle Callis

You need to tell us what clearing agent you are using and what mounting
media you have in the lab. 

Toluene based mounting medias from Richard Allan, ElectroThermoShandon.
ANATECH are compatible with both xylene and xylene subtitutes that are
single aliphatic hydrocarbons i.e. Propar, Clearite 3, ETShandon (not sure
if this last one is single aliphatic hydrocarbon, check MSDS).  Limonene
based clearants (smelly orange juice stuff), not sure what mounting medias
are used with this (check Archive, it has been discussed before) as these
clearants are never used here. 

There are some xylene based mounting medias available, we liked these with
xylene clearing.  

You can always check with manufacturer for compatibility if you buy their
product and a good idea to know that anyway. 

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