From:Sandra Uhl-Bronner

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I'm trying to do bdnf immunohistochemistry on the rat brain but i've only had non specific labelling with the protocols i've used.
I'm using the chemicon sheep anti-bdnf polyclonal antibody and i've tried different protocols incuding
formol 4% piciric acid 0,2%
formol 2% parabenzoquinone 0,2%
with or without ethanol washes, vibratome or cryostat sections.
i'm not very used to bdnf or even growth factors in general ; it seems that bdnf when associated to its trk receptor would be masked for localization.
does anyone have any experience in that field and could help me find out the right way to find specific bndf labelling with my antibody or any other commercial antibody ?
Thank you in advance !

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