searching for journal vol 20

From:Catherine Skinner

I am in a geology Dept. and work with Orthopaedics on bone problems.
We have a sectioning Lab in Geology but need good solid background for us, 
the students and technicians, using the staining and cutting techniques. 
The Library has been asked to get the journal but I would like something to 
have in the Lab.
I am looking for a copy of the 20th Anniversary issue Vol 20 #3 "An 
investigation of Bone and Cartilage".
Anyone willing to donate or sell a copy please contact me.
Many thanks.

H.Catherine W. Skinner
Department of Geology and Geophysics Box 208109
Yale University
New Haven CT. 06520-8109
Phone: 203-432-3787
FAX : 203-432-3134

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