Re: retension of license!

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

The National Society for Histotechnology will begin offering internet classes for continuing education later this year. This will enable participants to experience continuing ed at their convenience. The society's Virtual Library will grow over subsequent years to make an extensive menu of topics available to those who find it difficult to attend live presentations. Stay tuned for more information which I will announce here on Histonet or feel free to visit the society's homepage at
Vinnie Della Speranza
NSH Vice President

>>> <> 06/21/02 09:02PM >>>
I have my license for immunohistochemistry and like everybody, I have to get 30 credits over 5 years in order to retain.  My question is how do you all do it or where do you get the credits.  I am so overloaded at work that I never have the time to take off and go to the seminars in order to get the credits needed! Is there a way to take classes over the internet or at home training or anyother way?  I would really appreciate anybody's comments or suggestions!  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.  This is my first try at using the histonet and hope I am sending this out, correctly!               Thankyou>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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