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From:Geoff McAuliffe

Bruce Gapinski wrote:
How do you negotiate your wages? Do you belong to a union? If so is there
web access to the Histology wages?
This appears to be the only "legal" way for us to negotiate with our
employer. If I were to call you, and ask you what you make (as I'd done
before for years) I could be fired for collusion. Don't bother, I've checked
it out. Called Washington  DC and talked to the Anti-trust people, it's
    Rubbish!! Name the law, the exact statute please, that is violated. What case law supports this opinion? I think you talked to the wrong people in DC.
    What you are saying is that no one in the country can ask anyone else in the same profession what they are paid and use that information to negotiate a higher salary. Since such a law could not be applied to one profession, it must apply to all. Or maybe there is a specific law that targets HTs and HTLs? The "Parade" magazine that comes with my Sunday paper has a salary survey of sorts each year, "what people make". So if I read that and use that information to negotiate  higher pay, the person quoted and the author and the editor and the publisher and I are all guilty of collusion?
    Of course, your employer is constantly (24 hours/day) monitoring your conversations with others in the profession to be sure that no "collusion" occurs. You meet a colleague from the lab across town at a local workshop. She tells you she got a raise but she can't tell you to what or how much because it is or might become collusion??
    Could we have some common sense here? Collusion is often illegal but asking someone how much they make is NOT collusion.

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