Re: Disposal of resin embedding infiltration mix


the polymer chemist i worked with once told me that methacrylate was not
hazardous once it was a solid (polymerized) so i always collected it in
a 5 gal can and polymerized it a bit at a time (don't polymerize more
than about 100 ml at a time or it will get too hot and release fumes
into the lab.  that said, for about 20 years, i was told by my H+S
office that i could put the polymerized waste in the regular trash for
incineration, but then all of a sudden about 5 years ago, they changed
their minds and told me to have them come pick it up (i am not sure of
what they do with it) instead trashing for incineration.  not sure what
is up with this.  Pam Marcum from polysciences may be able to advise you
on this.

Michelle McDonald wrote:

> Dear all,
> We have been embedding a large number of bone specimens in resin
> lately and have had a few problems regarding the disposal of the
> infiltration mix containing Methylmethacrylate, perkadox and dibutyl
> phthalate. The solution polymerises after about two weeks and we are
> unsure of the best way to dispose of it. Should we  leave it at 4
> degrees and let it polymerise slowly then throw it away as a solid? Or
> should we allow it to polymerise faster at room temp to get rid of it
> quicker? Or maybe try to dispose of it as a solution by adding acetone
> to dissolve it? We have referred to the MSDS's for the chemicals
> involved but they are'nt really of any help.
> We appreciate anyones ideas on this issue.
> Thanks
> Michelle
> Michelle McDonald
> (B. Med Sc.)
> Research Assistant
> The Childrens Hospital at Westmead
> Sydney NSW
> Australia
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